Young climbing sensation Brooke Raboutou

I’ve only been climbing for a few months and recently climbed my first 6a. What an awesome feeling of achievement! But then you compare it to an 11-year-old girl who’s been climbing since she could walk, and it looks like a pretty small step.

But what an inspiration Brooke Raboutou is. Her determination and flexibility makes climbing look so effortless. It just goes to show what you can do with a little hard work and perseverance.

The last few months have taught me how climbing makes you bolder and helps you overcome fears. I’ve been training a little more recently, getting ready for my first lead climb on Sunday. And as part of the training I’ve been trying to get used to the sensation of falling, so that the fear doesn’t keep me captive, preventing me from pushing that little harder and completing a challenging route.

But climbing doesn’t only help you conquer the fear of falling, I think it teaches you a lot about determination and taking calculated risks. It’s something that will ultimately help you meet life’s challenges with a different perspective. You may take on a challenge, and there’s a chance you could fall, but if you’ve taken the right precautions, you’ll always have a safe landing. There’s no greater tragedy than the disappointment of not even trying.

Take a leaf out of Brooke Raboutou’s book – enjoy!


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