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Longboard Girls Crew

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this crew, but they’re pretty awesome. I’ve always kept a close eye on Cooler‘s website, so soon as I saw this video, I knew you’d love it. This bunch of longboarding girls in Costa Rica were tired of being a minority in a male dominated sport and felt more relaxed skating with girls, so they set up Longboard Girls Crew because they wanted to longboard and wanted to give other girls the opportunity to flourish in the sport.

The great thing with longboarding is if you’re into snowboarding or surfing, you could probably pick this up pretty quickly too. Obviously there are differences, but the skills are pretty transferable. There are some interesting articles and videos on their website if you fancy some more inspiration. Enjoy!


Rapanui was jealous of these girls

I don’t know if you know Rapanui? If you don’t, you should! They’re an award-winning eco-fashion brand based on the Isle of Wight and they make pretty awesome clothes. And you guessed it, they’re ethical! They do socks and jumpers and footwear and the like – all really cool designs and fantastic quality.

And they’re that cool a brand that… They have a skate ramp in the office! Apparently the founders Rob & Mart Drake-Knight even find time in their lunch breaks to go fishing or for a quick dip in Sandown Bay.

Anyway, I was on their website and spotted this cool video of a couple of girls longboarding down a long winding road in the States. If only we had their weather!

I’d say you need a bit of guts to do that, but what a way to live!